Tiny House Kitchen Design

So, I’m currently obsessed with Rachel Khoo’s kitchen.  If you’re not familiar with her, she’s the super adorable British girl who hosted “The Little Paris Kitchen.”  She cooks–and films her show in–her tiny kitchen in her Parisian flat.  I find it really encouraging to know that she can make all sorts of delicious meals in a place that small.  And, I absolutely LOVE her backsplash tiles.

The lovely Rachel Khoo cooking up a storm in her tiny kitchen
The lovely Rachel Khoo cooking up a storm in her tiny kitchen

In designing my kitchen for the tiny house, there were a number of criteria I wanted to meet.  First, I wanted to maximize the countertop work area.  Secondly, I wanted to find a way to squeeze in a dishwasher.  (I love cooking but I hate washing dishes.) And lastly, I wanted an oven large enough to roast a turkey in.   In pondering different layouts, I discovered that the best use of my space would be to use an L-shaped kitchen.

Kitchen Diagram

As you can see in the diagram above, this layout would allow me to have counter space on either side of the stove to work on.  In addition, the sink I chose, the Bredskar stainless steel sink from Ikea, has a cutting board that fits into the sink itself, which I can use to increase the work area if needed.  I’d say the only down side to the “L” configuration is the dead space that you get in the corner.  I decided I’d make the most of this space by locating my propane water heater there (more on that in a later post).

Ikea sink with cutting board insert
Ikea sink with cutting board insert

As I mentioned before, my intention is to use open shelving throughout the kitchen, and I’m considering having the top shelf extend over the windows to increase storage space.  Speaking of windows, I’m excited about being able to look towards the mountains whilst cooking.  I know most people traditionally prefer the window over the sink, but for me, I’d rather enjoy the view during the cooking process rather than the clean up.


In the above drawing you can see what the sink wall will look like, with my wall mounted faucet, dishwasher, open shelves, and an open cabinet to store my cookie sheets and cutting boards.  I absolutely can’t STAND it when stuff like that is stored in the oven.  (Early on, when I moved in with my partner, in preparing to make dinner I turned on the oven without realizing that things were in there… Let’s just say trying to pry a melted plastic cutting board off of an oven rack is not very fun.)   I’m also planning on installing a very narrow shelf to hold spices.  I really want to make the most of every inch of that wall.


And here is the other wall, showing the continuation of the open shelves, with the exception of a cabinet to the left of the window.  I’d like to use the side of that cabinet to hang things like my sifter and store things like cooking oil, etc. inside the cabinet.  I’m also intending to use a knife magnet to store my knives and keep them out of the way, but still handy.   Here are the range and fridge I’ve decided on:



Both run off of propane, and the range is really nice because it’s intended for an off the grid lifestyle–notice it has no digital clock, and the mechanism that ignites the flame is battery powered, so I won’t need to plug it in at all.  The fridge is perfect for my needs, with a good amount of storage space and even a small freezer.  They’re both a bit pricey, but since I’ll be completely off the grid, the fact they run off propane makes them totally worth it.

I’m so excited to keep working on my house.  This week we’ll be going up for the weekend so I can get some more electrical wiring done.  I’ll probably pack some soup that we can heat on the wood stove.  It’s supposed to be rainy, which I’ll enjoy because I love listening to the rain on the metal roof while I work.  And during breaks I’ll probably snuggle up with a blanket and read ghost stories.   Not for too long though, or else the wiring will never get done!


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