Painting, Planning, and a Few More Lucky Finds


I recently enjoyed an amazingly beautiful day out at the tiny house. The sky was a gorgeous blue with just a wisp of clouds, it was sunny and warm, and I got some exterior painting done! I’m not done yet, but it’s coming along.  The color I’ve chosen to go with is Benjamin Moore’s Marblehead Gold.  It’s a nice subtle yellow from their historical collection.  I feel it’s important for the house to not stick out like a sore thumb from the rest of the surroundings, but I still want it to look cheerful.  Initially I tried a different shade of yellow but it ended up reading way too loud.  This one looks a lot better though.  The trim I’m painting Super White, also by Benjamin Moore.  I’m using that same white on the interior of the cabin too I’ve decided.  It’ll help balance out my dark accent walls.  

Also, I’m practically jumping for joy at my recent salvage finds!  I managed to score not just another big window, but also some newly milled fir flooring! That’s right, I am getting a real wood floor!  (Squeal of delight).  Have a look:



The window will go right behind my sofa. It’s actually a brand new window that’s never been installed.  I already get really good daylight in the house, so this will make it even brighter.  I’m so excited about it!  And I’m ecstatic over the wood floor.   It’s going to add so much character!  My plan is to stain it with a special lime wash to get that Scandinavian look I really love.  I haven’t seen anyone do that sort of thing in a tiny house so it’ll be new and different.  Yay unique-ness!  

This week I’ve been scrambling to get all my interior design work done, as far as plumbing, lighting and electrical outlet locations and designing my loft railing.  My family is on the road up to Washington as I write this; they’ll arrive in about two days.  We’re going to work on the tiny house all next week so I’m frantically trying to get everything in order so I’ll be ready to go. On the one hand it’s kind of scary to think my folks and I will be camping out in a place with no electricity or water for a whole week, but on the other, I’m really looking forward to getting to spend time with my family (which I haven’t seen since last year) and getting to show them how beautiful the night sky is out there.  

I can’t wait to get further along on my tiny house! I know it’ll be hard work, but it’s going to be awesome once it’s done! (hopefully!) 



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