To Loft or Not To Loft

Whenever I see an article about tiny houses, it seems there’s always the inevitable, “I could NEVER climb a ladder to get to bed” comment.  I mean, on some level, it is a valid criticism.  If you’re an 80 year old granny, for instance, it might not be the best idea to attempt to reach your sleeping space via a ladder.   The same if you have to get up to use the restroom multiple times a night.

Sleeping lofts make a lot of sense though, in terms of efficiency of space.  When you have a very limited amount of square footage, a bed will take up a huge portion of it, so using the loft as the sleeping area is a good idea.  Aside from that obvious point however, there’s the totally awesome fact that a loft really feels cozy.  When you’re in an area like that, small and up high, you feel like you’re in a little nest or a cocoon, and I absolutely love that sensation!

While still attending college in San Antonio, my partner and I had the good fortune to find an apartment on the top floor of a renovated downtown building.   He worked from home so as part of my interior design for the space I decided to make more room for an office by converting a storage loft into the sleeping area.  Here’s what that ended up looking like:


I like how the graphic wall hanging draws your eye upwards to the brightly colored loft.  I had my dad help me construct the ladder and railing, and even though I never got around to finishing the railing (there was supposed to be a piece of clear plexiglass along the bottom set into narrow wood channels), I really loved being up there.  Here’s a close up shot.


This loft didn’t have any windows so to brighten it up I used apple green paint, then kept the bed linens all in white to keep it from being too overwhelming.  I added lighting and used shower curtains on the rods made of pipe that my dad welded, and with the fabric panels it really sort of framed the whole area and softened it a bit.   I loved the feeling of being up there.  In fact I loved that whole apartment.  I was sad when the day came to move out.  But, after having experienced the joys of sleeping in a loft like that, I definitely knew that I wanted to replicate that feeling in my tiny house.

The only thing I would change (beside a fully finished railing) would be to add a light source to illuminate the ladder better for middle of the night potty breaks.  I did have one instance where, climbing down while half asleep, I thought I’d reached the last step only to discover that I still had one left to go.  Not fun. But, after that I realized that I could just count each step as I descended, so I always knew how many there were left to go.

Still, a light source is a good idea I think!



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