Tiny House Construction!

After some stressful moments transporting my huge window out to the site, construction began on my tiny cabin. I ended up hiring a neighbor (the same neighbor who helped during the shed moving fiasco) to construct the shell of the house. Initially the plan was for my dad, who is a carpenter, to help me build, but since he wasn’t able to come up from Texas to visit for very long I decided to have someone else do the exterior and I could work on the inside as I had the time. Since I didn’t have the budget for everything to be built at once, I decided I’d divide the project into three phases. Phase one would be the shell of the cabin, phase two would be the interior, and phase three would be the screened porch.

Here are some images of the construction during phase one.






It’s so exciting to see something that you conjured up in your mind and drew on paper to start to come together in real life!  Even more amazing is the view I’m able to get from the huge window.  Every time I look through it I think, “man, what a lucky find!”.  Here’s what my view will be from that glorious window:


Even with the building just being an un-insulated shell so far, and me sitting in my camping folding chair, I found that I could spend a whole afternoon sitting there, gazing out towards the mountains.  It was magical.  It was going to be torture waiting for the day it would be completed.  But, I hoped, the journey to get there would be really fun!


One thought on “Tiny House Construction!

  1. Great progress with a great view! We are on the market for a trailer to start our build as soon as possible. It’s so inspiring to watch others on their journey and we can’t wait to see your completed cabin. Way to go!!!!

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