So, after lots of planning, sketching and brain storming, I finally came up with with a design for my tiny house.  But of course, right after I thought my design was finalized, I was browsing around at Second Use (an architectural salvage place in Seattle) and I found this:


That’s right. A huge window.  For cheap.  I couldn’t pass it up.  Which meant I ended up starting my design over from scratch.  Again.  But it would be worth it for the view I’d get out of that window.  I also found this door:



Using these two good finds to drive the new layout, I *finally* finished the design for my tiny house. Below is my floor plan:


As you can see, the layout is similar to other tiny houses on trailers, but with the addition of a screened porch on the right side.  While I would have preferred to do a totally original floor plan, I found that a long narrow rectangular footprint would suit the site well as it would allow me to enjoy the views of the mountains from the porch, the living area, and even the kitchen.   However, since I wasn’t bound by the dimensions of a flatbed trailer, I did have the luxury of expanding the width of the house just a tiny bit to have enough room for a real sofa and ottomans, and also raise the ceiling, which would allow for extra room in the sleeping loft.   

Here is what the exterior will look like:


I like the idea of making the main part of the house look like a traditional structure with board and batten siding, and then making the screened porch looking like a modern addition.   The rectangular foot print and simple gable roofs should also be easy to build, hopefully.  

With my design finally in place, it was now time to begin cleanup of the rubble out at the property and start building!


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