An Introvert’s Hideaway



I’m very much an introvert.  And as an introvert, one of my biggest fantasies is to have a place I can “get away” to and escape the stress of everyday life.  In planning and designing my tiny house, I decided to really focus on functions that I needed to be able to perform within it, rather than traditional “rooms”.  That way I could reduce my design to the most efficient one possible.  I also concluded that the main thing I wanted to accomplish with my tiny house was to provide a few really great experiences.  If I could do that, plus meet my essential functions, I could call my design successful.

So what great experiences should I aim for?  I sat and thought about the “perfect” place, and what I’d do there.  Here’s the scenarios I came up with:

“Feeling cozy and content, sitting in a big squishy sofa with my feet up, under a soft knit blanket, with my dog by my side, and be surrounded by books while watching the fire in the woodstove and looking out to the mountains.”

“Feeling a sense of wonder as I look up at the stars, while being warm and dry, covered in warm blankets while lying on the softest bed.”

“Sitting outside, enjoying the quiet and the scent of fragrant flowers and feeling free to nod off and take a nap.”

“Taking my time and enjoying cooking a delicious meal, and sharing it with friends and family, or even just by myself.”

And my most important goal: have a place to daydream and feel safe from the world, a perfect introvert’s hideout, tucked away in the forest.

I knew if I could achieve all of this, I’d have created the perfect tiny house for me.  Would I be able to accomplish all these goals within a really small footprint?   I put pencil to paper and began to sketch out ideas.


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