In Which I Realize a Tiny House Is the Perfect Place for Me



My favorite book as a kid (and even now as an adult) is My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George.  The story of a little boy running away to the forest and living in a cozy home in the trunk of a tree really resonated with me.  Being from South Texas, I’d never personally been to anywhere even remotely similar to the landscape described in the book, and yet somehow I knew that a forest was the kind of place I’d love to be in.  

I’d already read a lot about tiny houses and I loved the idea, and after buying the property out in the forest, it occurred to me that building a tiny cabin was a great idea for several reasons:  First, it would be cheaper to build than a larger structure.  Second, as an architectural designer, it would be a great way to get more experience in designing an efficient (and beautiful looking) space and explore this idea I had that smaller, cozier spaces affect their occupants’ emotions in a positive way.  And lastly, it would be the grown up realization of my childhood dream to be out immersed in nature and feel safe in a small, comforting home.  

I decided I was going to design and build a tiny house.  And that it would be called Shoebox Haus.  And, that it needed to be awesome. 


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