a place of my own


It all started one summer, when my partner Chris and I were on vacation, driving around exploring western Washington.  Even though I was just a poor college student, I had gotten an idea in my head to look at properties for sale.  I knew I couldn’t afford to buy anything but I could dream, couldn’t I?  It was late in the afternoon when we drove down the gravel road, past a “NO TRESPASSING” sign (which Chris was really nervous about) and to the property that was for sale.  As we came upon it, and got out of the car, we stood there, amazed.  You could hear….nothing.  It was absolutely silent.  That silence, coupled with the beauty of the forest and the view of the mountains, made me instantly feel like this was a special place.   I knew I had to have it.

We were walking around taking in the scenery, yet feeling like we probably shouldn’t be here and could get in trouble, when all of a sudden, we head a car coming up the road.  Panicking and running to our car, we foolishly thought we could jump in and make a quick getaway.  We were blocked by the arriving vehicle though, and so resigned ourselves to probably having to apologize and be told to leave.

The man who arrived was the owner of the property, and we ended up striking up a conversation.  He told us all about the place, about the cabin on the adjacent lot he was also selling, and about the hiking trail that led into the forest.  He was incredibly friendly, as we left, I told him that when I finished school and moved up to Washington from Texas, if the property was still available I’d certainly buy it from him.

Two years later, on a sunny July morning, I stood on the parcel of land that was officially mine.


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